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Character art is about technical skills as much as it is about understanding the technical and narrative context in which the character will move.

I’ve mastered different techniques and worked on various devices, creating characters with different styles.

I like working side by side with art directors, engineers and designers to create high-quality assets and set up efficient characters’ animation pipelines, always focusing on what’s essential to the game along with a strong attitude for experimenting.

Stranger Things VR

Character Design // Character Art // Tech Art // Animations 

Within the limitation of VR headsets, we decided to go for a painterly style to match the Stranger Things series' aesthetic. 
All the textures are painted in Photoshop.

Studio: Tender Claws

Platform: VR Devices 


These images are confidential: the game has not been released yet.  



Character Design // Character Art // Tech Art // Animations

Inspired by the Soviet space-race era graphic style, Ludmilla is a cosmonaut lost in a limbo between space and memories.

Studio: Space Backyard

Link: Ludmilla presskit



Alba: a Wildlife Adventure

Character Art // Tech Art // Animations

In "Alba," our goal was to depict a vibrant and authentic Mediterranean environment, teeming with a diverse array of animal species and NPCs.

The art director, David Fernandez Huerta, ultimately opted for a blocky and simple-shaped art style. This choice facilitated rapid modeling and rigging on my part. I enjoyed the creative process of manipulating shapes, providing each character with a distinct appearance while maintaining overall consistency among them.

I also delved into experimenting with a geometry-swap system for facial expressions and smear effects.

Studio: Ustwo Games

Platform: PlayStation - XBox - Apple Arcade - Nintendo Switch




Character Design // Character Art // Tech Art // Animations

What if a 70's Italian rider is going to be the protagonist of an anime series?
Bolide is a personal animation project currently under development.